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The experienced team at Life365 has created revolutionary remote health care management solutions since 2006.


Life365’s founders helped shape the Mobile Health landscape, and our solutions have enabled leading health systems to deliver proactive care models with demonstrative outcomes & benefits. 


We remain dedicated to connecting even more people and care providers with a new generation of Digital Health tools. 

One solution doesn’t fit all. Our specialty is aligning the right individuals to help get the best result. We put together the smartest combination of connected devices, apps, and supplies into simple, ready-to-use kits and curated subscription packages to drive the best user experience and engagement.


Our Connected Health solutions are light, simple, and affordable – allowing for greater scalability and adoption.

We will continue to push new frontiers in the way healthcare is delivered and consumed – enabling individuals to access care on their terms, anywhere, anytime – with a new generation of Digital Health solutions. 


Our goal is to enable healthcare organizations to achieve better engagement and outcomes for more people, by simplifying the integration of digital health solutions and improving the economics of remote care.


Enterprise clients and individuals are demanding a new way to deliver and consume healthcare.  The Life365 Team has the experience and legacy of innovation to bring this goal to life.

News & Updates

Life365 Extends Connected Care Platform to Home Utilizing Smart TVs through Partnership with OSANG Healthcare and Humax

TEMPE, Ariz., January 7, 2019— Life365, a leader in intelligent digital health infrastructure development and solution delivery, today announced a partnership with OSANG Healthcare, a leader in diagnostic biosensors for blood glucose, HbA1c and cholesterol, and Humax, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gateway solutions, digital set-top boxes, smart home and connected devices, and... Read More →
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